Aburokyere : Film On Migrant ordeal aired on Ghana’s GTV


The Sankofa Foundation, a Holland-based Ghanaian foundation, has through a documentary film entitled Aburokyere challenged Africans, especially the youth, on the need to stay and develop their home country rather than look for greener pasture elsewhere.

The documentary, which seeks to reveal the hardships that African migrants go through in the quest for greener pasture in other parts of the world, was shown for the first time in Ghana as part of the celebration of the International Day for Migration on 18 December, 2009.

Produced and directed by Jean Hellwig and George Duncan respectively, the 30-minute documentary shows the various experiences of Ghanaian men and women who are going through unexpected hardships they in no way anticipated, just to make a living abroad.

According to Duncan, who is also the executive producer of the documentary, this initiative will urge the youth who are desperate to travel abroad to rather become much appreciative of the freedom they are enjoying in their home country and undertake proper initiatives in their life.

The documentary was shown on Ghana Television (GTV), and as part of the contract it will be shown twice in a year for the period of three years. He said the foundation, in its efforts to ensure that the documentary is viewed by all Ghanaians, will later make provision for it to be telecast on all other national television stations throughout the country.