Uganda: Who Wants to Be Millionaire? UTL Brings It to Country


It is one of the most popular live TV quiz shows in the UK and US. Courtesy of Uganda Telecom (UTL) the show will be for the first time in Uganda. In the $4.5m two year deal with Protel Studios from Kenya, the studio will shoot weekly episodes that will be produced in Uganda.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is a television quiz show which offers very large cash prizes for correctly answering 15 consecutive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty. The format is owned and licensed by the Japanese production company Sony Pictures Television International.

The Ugandan show will follow the UK format and it will also be a first in the East and Central African Region. Nigeria is the other country where the game show has become popular and is played. In Nigeria the show has been screened for over 5years.

According to the MD UTL engineer Abdulbaset Elazzabi, to participate UTL subscribers will be asked to call a short code and then contestants will be chosen randomly by a computer."We will announce the code in the next few days and hope the show will become popular among Ugandans," he adds.

The top prize is Ugshs 25million ($12500) every week. Winning is based on correct questions and the questions asked are on general knowledge category. Only one contestant will play at a time in front of live TV audience. Contestants will have 3 life lines to assist them which are phone a friend where Contestants may call one of up to five pre-arranged friends and The contestant has thirty seconds to read the four choices to the friend, who must select an answer before the time runs out. Ask the audience is another lifeline where the contestant asks the studio audience which answer they believe is correct or take a 50-50 chance where they can eliminate two incorrect answers and leave one correct answer and one incorrect.

East African Business Week Kampala 10th January 2010