Nigeria: NBC Urged to Relax Radio, TV Licence Fees


The Managing Director of Kano-based private radio station, Freedom Radio, Alhaji Farouk Dalhatu, has asked the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to reduce the licence fees charged for the establishment of private radio and television stations.

Speaking to newsmen over the weekend in Kano, Dalhatu said the cost of acquiring the licence and the other subsequent charges discourage people from investing in the broadcast media.

He stated that apart from the fee, the stringent measures for the establishment of a media broadcasting organisation "is too harsh for somebody to be able to meet and successfully come up with a media outfit that will run without any hitches."He said the NBC should relax the current situation to allow more broadcasting houses to spring up and meet the challenges of the democratic process of the country.

Citing difficulties surrounding licence acquisition, Dalhatu, who is also the managing director of Freedom Express newspapers, noted that for five years, they had written for a license to establish a TV station but the NBC was yet to issue the licence. "We have met all the requirements, but they could not categorically point the reason why they denied us the license," he said. Faruk said his radio station was not having any misunderstanding with the NBC, saying since they started operation some years ago, they had maintained cordial relationship with the commission.