Africa: On Digital Media to offer 30 channels


On Digital Media, the only pay-TV broadcaster still planning to go ahead out of the initial four companies granted licences for subscription television by Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA), will provide a basic package of 30 channels, according to a report that appeared on fin.24’s website. 

ODM plans to launch the service, which will cost between R99 and R249 a month in May 2010. With this competitively priced package, it aims to attract millions of consumers who can't afford DStv. Both local and international television channels, including Fox Entertainment and MGM, will be broadcast. CEO of ODM, Vino Govender, said that ODM would not compete with MultiChoice's DStv service.

This will be the first time that Fox Entertainment and MGM will be available in South Africa, said Govender. ODM also plans to launch other international channels for the first time in South Africa. ODM is negotiating with MultiChoice for additional content from DStv. On the sporting front, ODM will not provide rugby, cricket or PSL football initially but will negotiate rights for niche sporting content.

Customers will be able to use existing DStv satellite dishes with the ODM service, but the dish will have to be repositioned. The electronic programme guide (EPG) for ODM has been designed by the NDS Group, a division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

Biz- Community 14th Jan 2010