Investment In Brief


* Private sector broadcasters have reacted to a Ministerial statement saying there will be an end to “administrative tolerance” over non-payment of licence fees. «I am troubled knowing that the Minister of Communication has announced the end of administrative tolerance on private audio-visual media in Cameroon. This means that those operating in the sector have to comply with the laws in force." says Francois Feuatsap, Director of a Private TV Station in Yaounde. He said being in line with the audio-visual laws in Cameroon means his media house must disburse FCFA 100 million to obtain a licence to operate. This is an enormous sum of money which Feuatsap says his media house cannot afford even though they had paid a meagre sum. The worries of Francoise Feuatsap are not different from those of other private operators in the audio-visual sector in Cameroon who still ponder on the outcome of the Minister's announcement.