Nigeria: Flykite Productions launches new Youth Programme


Nigeria’s Flykite Productions has launched a new youth programme series called According to the producers it is intended to introduce a serious approach to youth programming with a view to stimulating intellectual discourse while at the same time including innovative entertainment appeal for young people. The programme more than ever attempts to creatively entertain the youths as well as correct widespread impression that programme intended for young people must necessarily be musical videos.

With such segments as We Think (a vox pop sampling opinion of young people) on topical issues to be discussed on Chat Zone (the discourse segment); Young Enterpreneur (interview segment with young successful business people); 360 Degrees segment presents a pot pourri of interesting events, fashion updates, young celebrities, etc.

Other segments on include Little Things which focuses on drawing our attention to those seemingly innocuous habits but which impact negatively on the society; Fast Facts is intended to educate the viewers about subjects, places, events and people while the viewers should expect some reward on the Bulls Eye segment where the first five people to provide answer to question asked on each edition of the programme have the opportunity of winning exciting prizes. is currently showing on Channels television (DSTV Channel 134) on Mondays at 19.30 hours (7.30pm local time) and on Lagos television LTV (DSTV Channel 129) on Fridays at 21.30 hours (9.30pm local time).

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