Sierra Leone: Capital to launch pay-for cable network in Freetown


Capital cable network television limited will soon hit the airwaves in Sierra Leone with its eight-channel TV station. Managing director Mohamed Jah said the channels will be dedicated to producing Christian and Muslim education; women, gender and children's issues; education; sports; entertainment; news about the environment; international news and music.

The MD also revealed that the station is going to be the first ever digital television to be operated in Sierra Leone, but noted: "The station will not be free-to-air but the cost will be affordable to Sierra Leoneans as it is an all Sierra Leonean entity". He further disclosed that the station will be supported by Telecast, a television manufacturer based in the United States and China.

"The station will be equipped with a video-on-demand system and also an outside broadcast unit, which will be available for out of studio broadcast. It is going to broadcast 50% local and 50% foreign programs," he explained.

Concord Times