Distribution In Brief


* Eutelsat Communications has confirmed the signature of a contract with MultiChoice Africa, the pioneer in multi-channel pay-TV across sub-Saharan Africa.MultiChoice has signed for a total 20 Ku-band transponders for 15 years on Eutelsat's new W7 satellite that is now operating at the 36 degrees East position. The relationship between the two companies  began in 2000 with the positioning of Eutelsat's W4 satellite at 36 degrees East to support MultiChoice's DStv platform which now reaches into more than 800,000 homes in sub-Saharan Africa. This new agreement extends to 2025.

* The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) South Africa has announced that RadioGauge, a UK-based radio advertising effectiveness research programme, is to be run locally by Ask Afrika. Dollywagon Media Sciences and Dipsticks Research of the UK, who designed the project in 2007, will work alongside the Ask Afrika research team.The UK researchers, who still run the programme for RAB UK, claim to have successfully evaluated more than 200 radio campaigns, making them amongst the experts in this field as no other radio advertising effectiveness study is said to have achieved quite the same impact."The company is delighted at having been chosen to partner with the RAB on this strategic research project. Our undertaking of all fieldwork data collection guarantees the bureau accurate and high-quality data and will go a long way in establishing an ongoing working relationship," concludes Ask Afrika founder and CEO Andrea Rademeyer.

* The average local FM stations’ ad rates in the Arab World increased from US$ 101 in 2006 to US$ 112 in 2008 and up to US$ 125 in 2009. Still, Pan Arab radio stations average advertising rates exceed by a substantial margin those of local radio stations. This could be explained by the fact that some of the Pan Arab radio stations are the only FM radio stations that broadcast in Saudi Arabia, the region’s largest consumer market. A new report, “An Analysis of FM Radio Advertising Rates in the Arab World” has been published by the Arab Advisors Group’s Media Strategic on January 20, 2010.