Regulation & Policy In Brief

Regulation & Policy

* The government is blocking the Forum for Democratic Change from appearing on radio because it wants to keep rural residents in the dark about their current problems, the party's leader has said.Early this month, Dr Besigye was reportedly blocked from appearing on some stations during his tour of Acholi sub-region amid reports that radio managers there were too scared to host him.Senior employees of Luo FM in Pader District on January 30 abruptly cancelled Dr Besigye's scheduled 8-10pm talk show, citing "orders from above".The same happened when the FDC leader visited Kabarole in October 2009.

* Buganda's attorney general Apolo Makubuya wants the Uganda Broadcasting Council to accord CBS radio a public hearing that will determine whether its owners should apologise or not. He also dismissed the Government's other conditions for re-opening the radio station.He wondered why army generals and the Cabinet were at the forefront of the CBS negotiations and not the broadcasting council.He also alleged that the broadcasting council has not been allowed to independently deal with the matter due to external interference.