South Africa: Soweto Community TV station goes mobile

Technology & Convergence

South Africa’s first full time community TV channel, Soweto Community TV, has launched Q788, which gives consumers access to the latest issues, gossip, downloads, TV show information, community projects or festivals, via their mobile phones. It also allows them to make purchases or bookings.

Q788 is part of the Qkey interactive communications platform that is believed to be the world’s first Enhanced Mobile Communications Network (EMC Network). The technology allows consumers to choose to engage with the brands they are interested in, rather than the other way around. This makes for a more targeted approach to communications and enables brands to better understand their audiences by evaluating media effectiveness, the effectiveness of a brand’s use of different mediums and evaluating consumer preferences.

SowetoTV has established a full site behind its Q channel that will broaden its accessibility to people with no Internet access, while becoming more interactive with audiences that want to engage with the brand.    

When viewers see the Q number (Q788), all they need to do is turn it on to engage with the brand or the opportunity. To turn it on they need to dial 087 9400 115. The Q-system will then ask for the Q-number, in this case its 788 which consumers will punch in on their mobile phones for an instant connection to the brand and its offering. All it costs consumers is a phone call.

Screen Africa 11 Feb 2010