South Africa: Spud, the movie goes into production at Michaelhouse


Production of the film version of one of South Africa's most beloved books, John van de Ruit's Spud, got underway at Michaelhouse in the KZN Midlands on Monday 8 March 2010. Featuring some of South Africa's most talented actors and established stars, Spud: The Movie is one of the most anticipated movie releases of the year. The identities of the young actors cast to play the "Crazy 8" gang has been the subject of much debate in the press and online – and here they are!

Producers Ross Garland and Brad Logan are happy to see filming of Spud finally get underway. "It's great to see the years of planning finally being realized with a full cast and crew on set at Michaelhouse," says Logan. "We're delighted to see a South African film being produced in the country with a host of local actors, put together by a local crew and funded by South African investors." Garland has a special word of praise for the cast. "We cast the net far and wide to find talented actors to bring John van de Ruit's characters to light and are delighted with the superb cast we've put together - and we're confident they're going to do a fantastic job," he says.

Spud is set in South Africa in 1990 and chronicles John "Spud" Milton's first year at an elite, boys-only private school. Cursed with parents from well beyond the lunatic fringe, a senile granny, and a dormitory full of strange characters, Spud has to forge a new life for himself in this foreign and sometimes hostile environment.

Surrounded by names such as Gecko, Rambo, Rain Man and Mad Dog, Spud takes his first tentative steps along the path towards manhood. (The path, it seems, could be a rather long road.) Armed with only his wits and his diary, Spud takes us from illegal night swimming to the cricket field, from ghost busting to teacher baiting. He also invites us into the mind of a boy struggling to come to terms with a strange new world; a boy whose eyes are being opened to love, friendship and complete insanity.

Spud, the Movie is produced by Rogue Star Films and BLM Productions and supported by the National Film and Video Foundation.

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