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Rwanda: Local Journalists to Train At UK's Top Media Corporation

Edwin Musoni reported on 11th. March 2010 in the New Times — Ten Rwandan newspaper and radio journalists will be selected to undertake a one week professional internship at News International a UK subsidiary of News Corporation that is owned by world's media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch. A team from News International is currently in the country to interview the candidates.

News Corporation publishes the following world renowned titles; The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times and News of the world.

The project, was initiated last year in a meeting between President Paul Kagame and the Chief Executive of News International, Rebekah Brooks, who expressed interest in offering training opportunities to Rwandan journalists. Speaking to The New Times, the media giant's Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager, Daisy Dunlop, revealed that her corporation will provide 10 internship vacancies to 10 Rwandan journalists.Two radio journalists will do their internship at Sky News Radio.

The team is comprised of Dunlop, Hayley Barlow, the Public Relations Manager of News of the World, Lorna Carmichael of The Sun and Michael Binyon a lead writer of The Times.

According to Binyon, this is the first time they are offering this kind of training and subsequent internships may be offered to Rwanda depending on the outcome of the initial one that expected to kick off next month. He said; "Rwandan media is possibly going to be the first to benefit from many opportunities within the Commonwealth since the country joined the bloc."