Broadcast In Brief


* Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni has criticised Mengo, the seat of the Buganda kingdom, saying it was selfish to try and suppress other people's cultures. He promised to fund the establishment of a Luruuli radio station to promote Kiruuli culture and language. Museveni, who was addressing a rally at Nabiswera sub-county headquarters, was responding to a request by the district chairman, James Wandira, to fulfill his promise for a radio station for the Baruuli.

* Adom FM in Ghana is celebrating its 10th anniversary since it was acquired by the Multimedia Group from Groove FM in Accra and re-located to Tema, changing its format from a youth-oriented, English language musical station, to an Akan language station. While introducing program contents that range from Christian, through politics to community-oriented issues, the station currently has 22 affiliate stations throughout Ghana, with others in the US and Europe.

* Jacaranda 94.2 is now the No.1 Radio Station for the Afrikaans market in Gauteng! The latest SAARF RAMS Diary shows healthy increases in overall Gauteng market share, English home language, and Afrikaans home language. The results confirm that Jacaranda 94.2 now owns a substantial 23.3% share of the Afrikaans home language market in Gauteng, building on a steady increase from 20.6% in October 2009 and 22% in December 2009. The continued growth firmly establishes Jacaranda 94.2 as the number one station when communicating with this sector of the market in the Gauteng.This, coupled with a healthy 1.7 % increase in the English home language market since October 2009.