Nigeria: HiTv Naija's Mother of Reality Shows, Says Aka-Bashorun


Nigerian television viewers will witness what they have not seen in reality TV when pay TVstation, HiTV, begins the airing of its show tagged Naija, in the next couple of weeks.

Morayo Aka Bashorun, HiTV's Business Development Manager said the show will be what she describes as "the mother of all reality shows" in Nigeria”. "The weeks to come will redefine the reality show turf not only in Nigeria but on the African continent, because television viewers, especially our valued HiTV subscribers, will witness what they have never seen in reality television in the history of this great nation, Nigeria, and who else will champion this revolution other than a proudly Nigerian company like HiTV?"

The energetic and fast talking HiTV top official said after Naija show, "those who witnessed our Koko Mansion reality show last year, a show that shook the entire country and the UK, will know that we were just testing the waters. Naija will blow the entire country away for eight weeks because not only that the show will show our ability to live together as one in a diverse country like Nigeria, it will show the inner strength of the Nigerian, that is the Naija strength and character," she said.

The show will be broadcast pan-Nigeria, in Europe, North America and some parts of Africa for eight weeks. There will be weekly highlights shows on local stations such as LTV, TVC, STV and NTA.

Prize money of N5 million and a brand new car is at stake for the winner and unlike most reality shows, Aka-Bashorun said 18 young Nigerians will display their green passports in the show. "Eighteen Citizens (housemates) would be selected from the six geo-political zones in Nigeria. Each participant would be an indigene of their various communities and have limited interest to Western lifestyle. They are very passionate about their culture and confidently express their views on topical issues. These individuals would live together in one house for eight weeks! Unlike most reality shows, there wouldn't be specific daily tasks or judges. Activities would be initiated to foster competition. Viewers would be encouraged to vote for their favourite citizens to help them acquire points. The most interesting part of it all is that, there would be no evictions. Every week, there is a show where the accumulated points are announced and the dweller with the most points gets something worthwhile. Celebrities and notable Nigerians would be invited as guests in the house to engage in various activities," she submitted.

A contestant's ability would be tested in areas of sports, culture, music, democracy, the Nigerian Constitution, food, health, education, movie industry, our people, youth development, fashion, women and rights, managing corruption, leadership, law and compliance, comedy and drama.
Source: Daily Independent