Jock of the cartoon-veld: early glimpses of South African 3D animated movie


The first snippets of South Africa's premier 3D animated movie, based on the classic book, Jock of the Bushveld, were revealed by producers. The movie is due for release in December but local paper The Times got an early glimpse of the beloved Staffordshire bull terrier in cartoon form.

The book, which was also part of local school literature curriculum, was written by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick. It tells the tale of his autobiographical character, Fitz, and travels with Jock though Africa during the 1880s. The Times saw impressive 3D shots of the film featuring Jock as a puppy, his friend - a rooster called Pezulu - Jock's mother, Jess, and Fitz.

Although the previous versions of the film have followed the traditional storyline, the animated version will be told from the dog's perspective. Duncan MacNeillie, the producer of the first version of the film that was released in 1986 and of the 3D version, said that - apart from the top-notch graphics - he was proudest of the film's music.