Nigerian diaspora family channel OH TV launches VOD in the USA


OHTV is launching VOD and decoder box offers in the USA. The company is currently broadcasting on Sky Channel 199 and is aimed at the three million strong diaspora in the UK. OHTV used to be Dove TV and was the TV channel in Nigeria for the Redeemed Christian Church of God led by Pastor E.Adeboye.

According to Michael Djaba, Head of Acquisitions at OHTV, Pastor Adeboye had “an epiphany moment” and decided to launch a family channel as a way of reaching out to his followers in the diaspora.

Current programming includes South African soapie Josie H and music programme Africa Rising. New programme launches next month include Mario’s Greenhouse (where Mario Van Peebles and family go green) and Global Wonders (that explores different cultures), also from the USA. In the period it participated in BARB, it had 300,000 viewers a week.

The business model is a hybrid of Free-To-Air with advertising with other elements added in. It works with advertisers like international calling company Lebara Mobile. It has also launched an OHTV branded pre-paid debit card that it says can move money back to Nigeria more cost-effectively than Western Union.

The Church runs a Festival of Life event four times a year and the last one attracted an estimated 50,000 people.

Outside of the UK it is on 3GTV in China and it is launching a VOD offer in the USA. It will also be offering decoder boxes through church groups associated with Pastor Adeboye.

So why is not broadcasting in Nigeria? According to Djaba,”Pastor Adeboye wanted to make sure that he was available to the rest of the world and the Festival of Life is broadcast live (on the Internet) and also on HiTV.” Does OHTV want to reach out across Africa?:”We’re interested in distributing to African territories but we’re focused internationally at the moment.”