South African Cinema



* April and May 2010

Venue: BFI SOUTHBANK, Edinburgh, Scotland.

A two-part season that presents an overview of cinema made both during and post South Africa's apartheid era - a fantastic range of dramas and documentaries, fiction and fantasy. Explore films in Part One that evidence the confused wilderness of mirrors where race, gender, ideology, Puritanism, lust, guilt and revolt all have a part to play. Some of the films are propaganda for the ideology and some are furiously opposed to it, while some are merely reflections of life at a particular time, in a particular country. Part Two in May celebrates films made post-1994 when the rule of the racial white elite ended and a new society emerged, opening up opportunities for previously excluded black students to study film. Hugely talented black filmmakers emerged - Dumisani Phakhati and Tebeho Mahlastsi to name two. This section of the programme includes films and shorts and documentaries made only in the last few years such Claire Angelique's debut My Little Black Heart and Triomf by Micahel Raeburn (both made in 2008) to District 9 (2009).

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