Mediapeers offers a plethora of content on 2010 World Cup in South Africa


TV content buyers, TV programme managers, are you ready for 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa?

Online content distributor Mediapeers has put together a dedicated screening selection. This selection contains top notch documentaries and short form programs related to this highly-acclaimed event. The mediapeers exchange is a global online marketplace for professional buyers and sellers of audiovisual content.

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Some of the programs related to World Cup / South Africa / Africa in general include:




· African Dream

· In Search Of Southern Africa

· Sold Out

· The Colonists (1652-1795)

· Race Wars (1795-1913)

· Bright Freedom (1913-2010)


· Shosholoza Express

· African Terroir

· African Tales

· Safari in the Realms of the Spirits...

· Mozambique Express (Animal World)


· Kingdom of Sand: The Libyan Desert

· The Cape Of Good Voices

· Windswept Cape Coast

· Kilimanjaro I and II

· Second Hand

· Lost off Mozambique

· South Africa

· Gold Quest

· Der Mount Kenia in Afrika

· Madagaskar & Lemuren Erleben

· Südafrika & Weiße Haie Erleben


· Zoo Cup

· Party central - Cape Town: The city's...

· Namibia (#8045)

· The Nile (#8327)

· Lagos - the Great Urban Centre of...

· The Townships of Cape Town (#8262)

· The lifesavers of Lake Victoria...

Lastly, Mediapeers is partnering with Basic Lead, the organizer of the Discop Africa Events. The company has been selected as technical partner to provide on-site screening solutions during the event in Nairobi next September 2010.

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