Nigeria: NBC Urged to Ensure Better Pay for Media Workers


The lowest paid worker at any media organization should earn not less than N80, 000 while staff on Level 17 should earn nothing less than N652, 000 monthly, the committee set up to review the wages and salaries of government media workers has recommended. The committee also recommended 300% increase in basic salary, 40% hazard allowance, 30% wardrobe allowance, 25% communication allowance and 35% hospitality allowance. Chairman of the committee Abubakar Jijiwa said the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) should withdraw the licenses of any media organisation that does not comply with the rules and regulations of the regulatory body. Jijiwa said while submitting the committee's report yesterday to the Information and Communications Minister that the NBC should not just lay emphasis on the provision of adequate equipments before issuance of licenses but should ensure that routine checks are carried out so as to ascertain staff welfare particularly in private media houses. Author : Atika Balal for the Daily Trust.