SA: Adolescence TV series launched

As children reach adolescence, peers begin to play an important role in their lives. Adolescents with low self-esteem find it important to prove themselves and look for ways to compensate for feelings of inadequacy. Each One Teach One, a 13 episode television series starting on SABC2 Saturdays at 11:30am from 1 May 2010, looks at the triangular relationship between children, parents and educators. Fani Matsebane, Commissioning Editor at SABC Education says "feelings of inadequacy can manifest into withdrawal from social interaction, showing-off and bullying. Each One Teach One explains how children are easily influenced and manipulated into engaging in behaviour to be popular or experience feelings of temporary happiness. They turn to alcohol or drugs and behave in a delinquent manner, having unsafe sex, experiencing feelings of insecurity and poor self-image. A relationship between children, parents and educators creates an understanding of demands in schooling activities, social lives and emotional growth changes." SABC2's Publicity Manager Zandile Nkonyeni says "Each One Teach One, made for family viewing is based on real-life situations faced by parents, teachers and learners. The show offers professional behavioural experts, therapists and psychologists with valued opinions, interventions and methods for dealing with and identifying challenges. The show covers topics among others, on teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, teen suicide, violence, dysfunctional families, stress and HIV/AIDS." Each episode explains how the child got into their situation, how they are coping, what challenges they are facing and what support they are receiving. Parents explain how the situation affects their lives, educators tell how the situation affects the learner and what support structures are in place. Each One Teach One is produced for SABC Education by Blue Wizard Productions. Director Selvan Munsamy says "we love, listen and communicate with our children, but do they really feel loved, heard and understood? The experts on the show offer unbiased advice on each situation. An important point about Each One Teach One is that we make it known that problems are common to all and solutions are available to everyone."