FIFA: Videos from Cape Town ahead of World Cup South Africa

The Final Draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa in Cape Town captivated football fans around the world. A TV audience of millions followed every moment of the glamorous event, enthralled and delighted as the teams were sorted into the eight first-stage groups. video crews took up station in Cape Town several days beforehand, capturing all the news and goings-on for posterity. Among the many highlights filmed by FIFA’s team are interviews with Australia boss Pim Verbeek, coaching legend Bora Milutinovic, South Africa national rugby team captain Jon Smit, and fans' favourite Matthew Booth. 'Greetings from Cape Town' provides a glimpse of South Africa’s stunning and diverse beauty, and our coverage of the FIFA Executive Committee’s visit to Robben Island movingly illustrated the deep and close relationship between FIFA and the Makana Football Association. 'On the red carpet' provides ample evidence of the vast crowd of celebrities drawn to this global event. Afterwards, coaches from the national teams involved answered questions from, offering a wealth of views and opinions on the make-up of the groups and their own first-stage rivals. All of FIFA’s video reports from Cape Town are available online for free at