Al Qarra launches Arab-speaking African news TV channel


The first African Arab-speaking news TV channel  launched on 20 May 2010 on the Arabsat Badr 6 satellite. The project was born out of the following circumstances: There is currently no news channel devoted specifically to Africa in Arabic. Secondly, the various links and exchanges between Arab-speaking Africa and the rest of the continent are poorly treated by Maghreb television stations. Thirdly, the relationship between the Arab Middle East and Gulf with Africa continue to grow and to become stronger in many areas, and are not subject to particular media coverage.

Al Qarra fills a need to disseminate African news, informing them of the advantages and performance of the continent from an Arabic perspective. The channel branded ‘Al Qarra’ - meaning "the continent" - is headquartered in Mauritius.

Three television producers, Najib Gouiaa, Pierre Fauque and Selven Naidu founded the channel. They explained that it will broadcast news on the Arab world: Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf.

They are targeting Arab-speakers in Maghreb, the Sub-Saharan region and East Africa with a team of journalists and correspondents located in various capitals.
For further details, contact Al Qarra: Yasmina Ramdane
Tél.: +33 1 53 78 00 42 - Fax: +33 1 53 78 00 01