Broadcast News: In Brief

- South African Broadcasting Corporation and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation are some of the main winners of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association's Broadcasting Awards for 2010. The awards were presented at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg on Tuesday 20 April 2010. The CBA-Amnesty International Award for Human Rights Programme has been judged to be a tie. The two winners were BBC World Service for the radio programme – Assignment: Africa’s Guantanamo, and South African Broadcasting Corporation for the programme Hell Hole. Africa’s Guantanamo was judged to be a powerful, moving and engaging feature, noted for its ability to connect the audience with the subject matter. Hell Hole explored the situation in Zimbabwean Jails and was commended for its brave and fascinating insight into a dangerous story. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation won the CBA-Thomson Foundation Award for Coverage of Environment by an African for Mau Crisis Series, a story about a community trapped between corrupt interests and the need to conserve the important resources of their landscape. KBC were highly commended for raising awareness about deforestation, and highlighting the issue of corruption. - The Israeli Embassy in Angola is putting on a season of Israeli films with Portuguese sub-titles. The movies include Walking on Water, Out of Sight, Turn left at the end of the World, Aviva my love, Campfire and Beaufort.