Distribution News: In Brief

Cameroonian private TV companies providing local and foreign channels are on strike until Ministry of Communications find a solution to their dispute with international pay TV Canal OVERSEAS Africa. Companies involved in the strike are: Avnet Sarl, Mega Hertz Sa; Tele Sat Sarl; Orbit International Sarl; Strong Electronics Sarl; Rob Sat; Scaviex Sarl, Inter TV Sarl, Home Entertainment Sarl; Creolink Communication Sarl; Cablenet Sa; Net Pictures Sarl; Afidinam Sarl; Image Plus; Direte-Vision Sarl; Will Services; Socav SA. Alldean Satellite Networks (K) Ltd has secured a full Ku-band transponder (54 mergahertz) from SES World Skies on its new NSS-12 satellite. Among other things, Alldean will use this capacity to transmit broadcast content.