Somalia: Transitional Government in Banadir says it will close radio stations that follow Hizbul Islam’s “no music” edict

Regulation & Policy
The administration of the transitional government of Somalia for Banadir region has Sunday said that the government would close the local FM radio stations took the order of Hizbul Islam and under the control of the government. Mo'allin Hashu, the governor of the Bandadir region of the Hizbul Islam organization issued an order to ban music and playing songs on the local radio FMs in capital and most of the radios complied for fear of retaliation. Abdikafi Hilowle Osman, the secretary of Banadir region administration had told reporters in a press conference he held in Mogadishu that they won't tolerate the radio station followed the order of Hizbul Islam organization pointing out that 4 radio stations that he sees as working with the Islamist fighters will be closed.