Angola : President Dos Santos gives go-ahead to a new Media Archive of Angola

Technology & Convergence
The Angolan Head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, recently approved the Network of Media Archive of Angola (REMA). According to the report of Construction and Organisation programme of Media Archive, the President also has set up an executive commission for its implementation, under the new Constitution. The creation of REMA, which has already been in the use in various Portuguese-speaking countries, constitutes a leading tool for development of education, thus allowing the access of the high and higher education students to the literature and scientific research. The newly created commission is entrusted to, among others, analyse and give its opinion on the plan and implementation of the National Network of Mass Media Archive, jointly presented by Eduardo dos Santos Foundation (FESA) and "Nolimits Consulting" company. It is also in charge of setting up a micro-localization, with support of authorities from the country's provincial and district headquarters, says the note Headed by vice-minister of Telecommunications and Technologies of Information, Sebastião Teta, the commission also integrates representatives of Telecommunications and Technology of Information, Finances, Culture, Urbanisation and Construction, Secretariat of State for Higher Education and Secretariat for Social Affairs of Essential Auxiliaries Organs of the President of Republic.