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Technology & Convergence
- Although the World Cup in South Africa is expected to achieve 3D broadcast, the British media poured cold water on this idea firstly, and considered that the global 3D broadcast will hardly come true. According to the British Financial Times, in June this year South Africa World Cup will officially open in Johannesburg, and there will be 7 Groups of Sony 3D television cameras filming 25 of the matches. However, Sony signed an agreement with FIFA hesitantly. The agreement only allows 3D TV in three countries, and only one of the 3 agreements is specifically suited to terrestrial television. There is still a long way to achieve global 3D broadcast worldwide. Reports said that the major obstacle is the fact that terrestrial TV doesn’t have enough “spectrum space” and lack related standards for 3D TV. AdMob recently ran a survey in order to establish how South Africans are going to use their mobile phones during the World Cup, understand their habits in relation to other media and be able to advise on what content subscribers would be looking for on their handsets.