Koowee, the first multi-language children's television channel in Africa


Koowee is a children's channel aimed at children under the age of six. The channel was conceptualized to be the first multi-lingual kids channel in Africa. M-Net identified the opportunity to create children's programming for children with the unique challenge of doing so in their mother tongue, according to a FilmContact.com report of 4 June 2010. Koowee was launched a year ago in Afrikaans and now for the first time the channel is available with an isiZulu simulcast option. There are 15 brand new programmes created locally to suit the local market. The programmes are grounded in South Africa and reflect the vibrant cultures around us. Koowee is the ultimate babysitter! The content is educational, friendly, sincere, and above all fun! Helga Palmer, content executive for Koowee says the following: "It is such an honor to be part of this innovative project. It is especially rewarding that we make the Koowee content accessible to the isiZulu speaking child, as well as creating a platform for any child to learn a new language. And with the prospect of including more languages to the channel in the future, making it accessible to an even broader audience is truly remarkable". Koowee broadcasts on channel 307 on DSTV from 06:00 to 21:00 to entertain the young, and the old. Come play with us!