Cable and MMDS Channels+ Channels for the first time in Africa

For the first time in Africa, Canal Overseas Africa has announced on 20th. May 2010 the signing of an agreement permitting the self-distribution of cable and MMDS Canal+ Channels.These agreements have been signed with two of that largest pay-TV operators in Francophone Africa: Creolink Communications, cable-TV operator in Cameroon and Deltanet TV, MMDS operator in Senegal. The implementation of these agreements is the fruit of an ambitious technical co-operation which guaranties the quality of the picture in people's homes and the safeguarding of intellectual property owners thanks to high level encryption. With the support of Canal Overseas Africa engineers, this solution has been validated both for terrestrial cable networks and MMDS. Through these self-distribution agreements, Creolink Communications and Deltanet TV will be able to widen their range of paying television by providing their customers with all the Canal + channels broadcast on the African continent: Canal +, Canal + Sport, Canal + Cinema and Canal + Family. Canal Overseas Africa highlighted that self-distribution is the ideal answer to the local policy of Canal Overseas Africa: more accessible prices, innovative means of payment, extended distribution network, new broadcasting methods and an increase of African channels in the Canal Horizons package. Jean-Noël Tronc, the Chief Executive Officer of Canal Overseas Africa has declared: "With the signing of these agreements, Canal Overseas Africa is delighted to share premium channels with local pay-TV operators and thus contribute to their development. Self-distribution enables them improve the safeguarding of intellectual property, be present on new distribution networks and therefore be accessible to the greatest number. Canal Overseas Africa wishes to develop its self-distribution strategy in Africa in the coming months by extending it to new African pay-TV operators."