e.tv, the only contender for South Africa’s first mobile TV licence

Technology & Convergence

As Mobile TV services are being launched in countries all over the world, récent Mobile TV audience research showed that this new media works for important not-to-be-missed events.

On purpose, ICASA issued a licence bid in South Africa, just in time for FIFA World Cup 2010. However, ICASA announced on Friday, 21 May 2010 that commercial broadcaster e.tv is the only contender for South Africa’s first mobile TV licence.
By the deadline of 7 May 2010, ICASA had received the following applications:
•    Mobile TV Consortium
•    Super 5 Media Pty Ltd
•    Multichoice Africa
•    e.tv
The following conclusions were raised:
Mobile TV Consortium is disqualified on the basis that they do not hold any broadcasting service licence Super 5 Media Pty Ltd is disqualified as they failed to submit the required number of copies that are permanently bound. Multichoice Africa is disqualified for late submission of the application. e.tv's application is accepted

The licence to broadcast TV on cellphones has been awarded to e.tv, as it complied with the preliminary requirements.  However, the Authority will continue with the next step as prescribed in the Invitation to apply (ITA) and will also make a determination on the licensing of the remaining capacity in the first Mobile TV multiplex.

It should be reminded that the number of people accessing the Web on mobile phones in South Africa is currently under 4 million. Only 1% of the market has accessed mobile TV and only 1% intends to do so.