Balancing Act revamps its website


Balancing Act has revamped its website to make it more engaging, flexible and professional. After a year of part time work for five team members, the new site was launched in its beta version at the start of June 2010. Three major changes were put in place with the following objectives in mind: easier navigation, more intuitive, better design, and new sections.

Firstly, Balancing Act’s two websites - and - have been merged into one. With convergence between telecoms and audiovisual content currently taking place in Africa, this move made a lot of sense. To avoid stored cookies’ issues for regular readers, the “broadcast, film, convergence” site’s url is automatically redirected to the main site:

Secondly, the new site changed its look to a more intuitive, colourful and harmonious design aiming at attracting and keeping a large audience.

Thirdly, the way articles are shown allows for more space and better targeted locations for advertisers. Isabelle Gross, in charge of the project explained: “Banners for a specific company can now be placed on related stories using specific tags. i.e. a South African telecoms company can chose to place a banner on all articles related to words such as telecoms, VoIP, data centres, South Africa, access, etc.”

Content-wise, the company gets an increasing flow of daily press releases and announcement across all African countries. The priority has been placed on innovations, significant announcements impacting the African market and stories prompting new ventures and more entrepreneurship in Africa.
The search engine, one of the most used sites’ features has been improved and is located under the News section. Going back since the site was launched, all news’ archives have been added to the new site and are available to readers for free.

Russell Southwood, CEO of the company added: “Balancing Act’s website is read by about over 20,000 readers a month on average. We hope that the new site should increase readership by 50% over the next few years and there are early signs that traffic has already increased. ”

Balancing Act editors remind companies and individuals active in the African telecoms and audiovisuals industries to send related messages and press releases to: (editorial @
for publication on its new site and e-letters.