Angola: Theatre Director Caracol says impact of telenovelas “worrying”

Adelino Caracol, a theatre director with Horizonte Njinga Mbandi recently spoke to ANGOP saying that foreign soaps, especially the Brazilian telenovelas, are having a very negative influence on young people, both in the way they dress and act which, and that this"is worrying". He believes that Angolans, particularly youth, must be taught a sharp critical sense in order to absorb the most positive contents of foreign soap operas and improve how they grow up. According to Adelino Caracol, people received, as from their primary education in moral, civic and Portuguese language subjects, the basic instruments to help them interpret an artistic piece of work and should for that matter be in a position to tell the good from the bad about values and attitudes. On the other hand, Adelino Caracol defended the production of local serials that reflect the Angolan reality, adding that this will help people understand where they come from, where they are and where they are heading to. He announced that his company has been training, for the last five years, with assistance of foreign specialists, people who will be capable of conveying to the television good national entertainment content.