South African box office tops R202 million but local production share tiny

South Africa’s NFVF has released its first trimester box office report for South Africa which shows record box office returns of R202 million but only R4.4 million came from local productions. The films that helped take box office revenues to a new high were Jakhalsdans (28% of total revenues); Skin (25%); White Lion (18%) and Jozi (18%). The data used to compile this report is generated from the weekly box office reviews from distributors/exhibitors Nu Metro Distribution, Ster-Kinekor Distribution, United International Pictures and the newly established Indigenous Films Distribution, which is made available to the industry by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment. The first trimester of the year has been a rather competitive one with a good array of titles released. A total of 64 titles were released from January 01, 2010 to 29 April 2010. The majority of the 64 titles was distributed through Ster-Kinekor’s far reaching distribution channels. On aggregate 39% of the trimester’s titles were distributed by Ster Kinekor, 36% by Nu Metro, 23% by UIP and 2% by the newly established distributor Indigenous Films Distribution. To see the full report go to: 3 title + story - Canal+ Overseas launches cooking programme in Maghreb Canal+ Overseas announced on July 13th 2010 the launch of “Small Kitchen Of Abdel”, a new programme co-produced by Canal+ and French production company Flab Prod. Specifically conceived for Ramadan, the “Small Kitchen Of Abdel”is a cooking programme presented by Abdel Alaoui and broadcast every day from August 10 th. to September 10th. 2010 on Canal+ in Maghreb, premium channel of Canal + bouquet dedicated to Maghreb. The 8 minutes programme looks at the preparation of a dish that Abdel Alaoui will carry out each day with a personality of Maghrebian origin. These personnalities come from the cinema, music, sport, television and from the political world such as Karim Dridi, Faudel, Ali Badou and Lââm, etc. TV viewers will discover new receipts resulting from various culinary traditions generated by the origins of the guest.