Studio 37 produces films on Africa


Studio 37, a production house that is part of Orange sis showing growing interest in Africa. Passionate about the African culture, Frédérique Dumas, CEO of Studio 37 has invested in “Benda Bilili”, a film on handicapped African musicians which was well received at the “Quinzaine des réalisateurs”. “Women are heroes” released on January 2011 and various other projects including “La pirogue” about illegal inhabitants from Senegalese Moussa Touré (production Eric Névé for “Les Chauves Souris”), author of “Toubab bi” (1991) and “TGV” (1999).
Upcoming “Benda Bilili” is a feature-documentary film produced in 2009 with a 1:24 runtime from directors, Renaud Barret and Florent de la Tullaye and coming out on August 2010.

Here is the story; Ricky has a dream: to make “Staff Benda Bilili” the best band in Congo. Roger, a street child, wants to join these stars from the ghetto, who get around in customized “Mad-Max” style bikes. Together, they have to avoid the streets’ pitfalls, stay united and find the force for hope in music. For five years, from the first rehearsals to their triumph in international festivals, Benda Bilili (“beyond appearances”) is the story of this dream come reality.

Documentary “Women Are Heroes” tells the story of women, art, media and hope. Because women are often the first victims in times of war and virtually abandoned to their fate in times of peace, JR pays a tribute to all the women who, despite all that life throws at them, retain their ability to smile, their strength to fight and their hope for a better life. By exhibiting their portraits in the form of huge collages on the walls of their neighbourhoods and towns, JR highlights the beauty of these strong and moving personalities whose true worth is all too often unrecognised.

Frédérique Dumas was an independant producer for over 10 years with a highly diversified filmography: from “No man’s land” (Oscar for best foreign film) to “Dobermann” by Jan Kounen starring Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel, and “Before the rain” (Lion d’Or at Venice), Radu Mihaileanu's " Train de vie " or even " Les portes de la gloire " by Benoît Poelwoorde and Christian-Merret Palmair.

In addition, Frédérique Dumas has also served as Ministerial Adviser for Cinema for the French Culture and Communications Ministry (1986-1988), Head of Development at Polygram Audiovisuel, Chairman of the Producers’ Union (Chambre Syndicale des Producteurs) and Cinematographic Industry Liaison Office (Bureau de Liaison des Industries Cinématographiques). Frédérique Dumas said to Balancing Act: “I have a strong interest in Africa and I have another project on African culture which I keep secret until it is all set”.