S.A. World Cup fever boosts 3D TV sales

Technology & Convergence

South Korean firms are enjoying a boom in sales of 3D televisions thanks to rising demand stoked by the World Cup in South Africa, officials said mid-July 2010.
Samsung Electronics has sold more than 26,000 3D TVs in the domestic market so far this year, including 6,000 in June, a company spokesperson said. "We have no figures yet on sales abroad, but sales of 3D TVs are rising domestically this month thanks to the World Cup," he said.

The world's largest flat screen TV maker aims to sell some 600,000 3D TVs at home and abroad in the first half of this year and 2.6 million by the end of this year. Samsung's domestic rival LG Electronics also saw a jump in 3D TV sales in June, selling more than 3,000 units at home.  It plans to release 3D models abroad later this year.  The World Cup in South Africa fed demand for the high-end product that makes images appear as if they are popping out of the screen.