RightsGenie, a new online film distributor…ideal for Africa

Technology & Convergence

New York City- based RightsCube Inc., the global media rights information platform has launched RightsGenie, a new online service that helps content distributors and television channels locate available content for licensing. The service will certainly help African producer, distributors and broadcasters as well as outsiders willing to source African content. Interviewed by Balancing Act, here is what it is all about:
RightsGenie lets you search for any content, in any format and will even help clear the content for licensing. Freely available online, RightsGenie tracks all content from around the world including films, television shows, sports programming, recorded live events, original web content, books, and video games. RightsGenie will then track down the content owner and clear the right. The website supports over 180 different languages.

Through strong relationships with major studios, production companies, independent producers and sales agencies, RightsGenie helps media buyers find available content and helps media suppliers clear their content for licensing.
RightsGenie simplifies the time-consuming and expensive content licensing process through its online technology platform. The service allows content distributors to more efficiently and effectively license content and enables both major and independent producers to clear content, creating new revenue opportunities.

RightsGenie is simple but incredibly powerful – “for too long the question of who owns what has sometimes been impossible to answer. RightsGenie is now the answer,” said Jesse Solomon, Jesse Solomon, President and Chief Operating Officer, adding: “We do support African languages in our search. We will soon be releasing a new version of the site which allow for the site to be changed to local languages. For now the site is in English but the search capabilities support all languages.“
The company has started promoting its services to African media.