Nigeria: HiTV launches One Music Channel to replace Nigezie


Nigerian Pay TV company HiTV has launched its “One Music channel” which replaced its Nigezie music channel. The launch of the new channel comes in the wake of its loss of the EPL rights (see Investment news below).

Damilola Amolegbe, Editrix, Hi Magazine and one of the coordinators of the new channel described it as “an African music and entertainment channel showing exclusively on HiTV. This new entertainment channel, just like its sister channel, Hi Nolly will air across the globe; on HiTV, which is in 10 Countries across Africa (Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi, Sudan, Eritrea), on Sky in the UK, Free TV in France, and will begin broadcast on DishNetwork and Comcast in the USA by the end of this month.

“One made its debut on HiTV on August 1 replacing music channel, Nigezie on its platform worldwide. One is starting off with the hottest local and international music videos, and in-time feature most intimate A-list artiste interviews, coolest parties, front stage experience at the most amazing concerts and parties, as well as electrifying out of the box shows all controlled by you the viewer,” Amolegbe said.
She is optimistic that the new channel will have fanatical viewership very soon. “Undoubtedly, this channel will have huge viewership across the globe especially with Africans in the Diaspora who are keen to immerse themselves in the music, fashion and entertainment emanating from the continent, this channel will also serve as platform for artistes to promote themselves or shows if they choose the perform/breakout in any of these countries. We are quite excited about 1 and pleased to invite you become 1, as we strive to make Nigerian entertainment/culture number One in the world,” she submitted.
The channel is on Facebook, One (1) – African Music & Entertainment Channel and could be followed on twitter 1neChannel.