Uganda: Vision Group uses cross-media strategy with radio promoting papers and newspaper vendors collecting radio ads


Newspaper vendors and radio agents attending a conference at Pearl Afrique Hotel Sales for Vision Group's local language newspapers have shot up after the company established regional television and radio stations.

The Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kabushenga, said the broadcasting stations have partly helped increase the newspaper sales and are instrumental in the development, promotion and distribution of other company products.
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He was addressing newspaper vendors, distributors and radio agents at Pearl Afrique Hotel in Gulu last week. Kabushenga explained that Bukedde newspaper sells about 31,000 copies daily, up from 14,000 copies, boosted by Bukedde television and Bukedde radio station.

He added that since Radio West and TV West were set up in Mbarara, the company sells close to 20,000 copies of Orumuri newspapers daily, from 9,000 copies. Kabushenga said Etop sales are at 10,000 copies daily, from 4,500 before radio Etop was started last year, while Rupiny, which was selling about 3,500 copies, now sells 8,000 daily because of Radio Rupiny.

He said Vision Group was committed to exploring business opportunities in Juba and the West Nile. Kabushenga assured vendors and distributors that the company was trying to ensure that newspapers are distributed to all parts of the country by 6:00am daily.

He urged them to create more newspaper outlets and combine vending with collecting radio adverts to make more money."But be careful with the way you manage your money. You need to draw a clear distinction between Vision Group money and your own," Kabushenga advised. The vendors were also warned against hiring out the papers to the public.