There are only 14 days left before Discop Africa 4


Taking place on 1-3 Sept 2010, Discop Africa is the largest audiovisual content trade show and conference in Africa. So far, 130 buyers and 113 content sellers from Africa and other continents are registered for the event to be held in Nairobi’s Hilton Hotel in Kenya.

The conference keynote is about the importance of channel identity. This session will invite experts in building brand identity, advertisers, and other key players
in the industry to discuss how to distinguish your channel and attract viewers, subscribers, and advertisers in a growing market.

Nigeria will be the key country focus, and Ijeoma Onah will introduce and moderate this session. When looking at the most populous country in Africa of 140 million people with one of the most vibrant media markets, it is hard to keep up with the fast-paced audiovisual industry in Nigeria – also named Nollywood. Out of Nigeria’s 60 TV channels and 4 Pay-TV platforms, who are the key players today? This session will gather key Nigerian broadcasters, advertisers, and producers to discuss their content needs and strategies

Sellers’ stands and a dedicated African producer area will promote local films and other audio-visual content types available for wide distribution.
Outside of market hours, social functions and a program of informative sessions, case-studies and workshops, will provide intelligence-gathering and spontaneous networking opportunities

Though the majority of the Sub-Saharan African households continue to receive analog broadcasts, increasing availability of digital services and equipment contributes to the fast development of this region

Launched in 1991, DISCOP markets facilitate business between content distribution, programming and coproduction executives active in 101 developing countries where tangible, human connections are still crucial drivers of business, and which are accounting for a fast-growing portion of all content licensing revenues generated worldwide.