ODG and Vodacom Launch Africa's first-ever Mobile TV Subscription VOD

Technology & Convergence

On August 10 2010, as an African first, On Demand Group, has taken its one-of-a-kind mobile TV subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service capability into South Africa with the creation of TV:On Demand, a brand new offering to millions of Vodacom’s 3G customers.

TV:On Demand launched with an extensive library from On Demand Group’s studio and television partnerships providing popular series such as Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and Entourage, and hundreds of music videos which subscribers will be able to watch on their mobile phones whenever they want with complete control to pause, resume, and replay

TV:On Demand is wholly-owned and operated by On Demand Group (a SeaChange company) and has been designed to provide a unique service to Vodacom’s customers, who will be able to watch the programme of their choice, on demand, as often as they want, all included in a single fee with no additional data charges .

TV:On Demand service aspects include:

Pricing options include R75 per month, or R20 per week
Launch promotions including first month free
Complete DVD-like viewing control
New TV episodes released every week
Playlist creation including hundreds of music videos

Victor Borges, General Manager of On Demand SA, said "We’ve seen linear Mobile TV struggle in so many territories worldwide, so when Vodacom invited us to pitch for a new service we focused on choice, convenience and control. We looked at the existing Mobile TV services available which mirror channels already available on satellite TV, and we decided to bring a different, unique and compelling offer to the consumer. By providing TV:On Demand we have given control and value back to the consumer."

Tony Kelly, CEO of On Demand Group, said, "We are very excited to bring our unique mobile subscription on-demand TV service to South Africa. Its introduction, with full length programming to the mobile environment, heralds a new era in the growth of mobile video. Our experience across other markets globally shows that on-demand penetration and viewing rates are enhanced by subscription packaging. On Demand Group’s capability to deliver this new experience fits with the convergence strategies of our customers and the growing demand for on-demand access to high-quality video on any device by consumers."

On Demand Group acquires, produces, prepares and delivers annually 250,000 movies, TV programmes and promotions to 12 video service provider platforms, covering 10 million on-demand enabled homes and 100 million mobile subscribers in six languages including Arabic, English, French, German, Greek and Turkish.

On Demand Group’s very first service provider collaboration, with Virgin Media, is widely known as resulting in one of the world’s most successful VOD services, recently reporting 750 million subscriber views during 2009 alone. For German speaking markets, On Demand Group created the joint venture On Demand Deutschland, which now serves Kabel BW, Unity Media, Kabel Deutschland, and Telekom Austria. The Company has also launched specialized services for the Greek national telco, OTE, in Greece and for TTNet, the ISP owned by Turk Telekom in Turkey. Elsewhere, On Demand Group has set roots for the Middle East with the creation of a Dubai-based team and operates VOD services for du, the fast growing Dubai-based telco.