South Africa: Flat screen TV prices plummet as newer TV technology arrives

Technology & Convergence

On 16 August Mybroadband reported that plasma and liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions have long replaced Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions as the de-facto standard in the TV market, and with plummeting prices consumers are spoiled for choice.

Recent promotional offers mean that consumers can purchase a new 50’’ Samsung or LG HD Ready plasma TV for around R11,000 while the price of a standard 40’’ or 42’’ full HD LCD TV is well below R10,000.

Samsung South Africa recently pointed out that strong competition among television brands is one of the main drivers of these low prices, and they anticipate prices to fall further over the next year.

The increasing speed of new technologies entering the market – like LED TVs and 3D capable televisions – is likely to push pricing down further.  This is clearly visible in Makro’s recently launched birthday specials.

The company slashed the price of its Samsung 46" Full HD LED TV to R13,999 - well below the regular price of R18,000.  This lower priced LED television means that ‘less advanced technology’ televisions like standard LCD or plasma sets must also drop to ensure they remain appealing to consumers.

A case in point is the reduction in price of the Samsung 40'' Full HD TV which is now priced at R6,999 instead of the usual R9,000.

Good news for consumers is that this trend is likely to continue.  3D capable televisions are already the next best thing in the local TV market, making LED, LCD and plasma TVs look like ‘older technologies’.

According to research firm DisplaySearch around 3.4 million 3D TVs will be sold worldwide in the next financial year, accounting for 5% of the entire flat TV market.  DisplaySearch further predicts that 43 million 3D TVs will be shipped in 2014, accounting for 37% of all TV sales. All of these developments in the television market means that consumers can expect a wider range and better prices on flat screen TVs in coming months and years.