Behind the scenes footage of Prince William's 2010 trip to Africa will be shown in a TV documentary later this year. The film shows the Prince in Botswana during a visit to a wildlife conservation charity and the cameras also follow him as he takes a break from public duties and travels through the African countryside. In a clip from the documentary, to be screened on Sky1 and Sky1 HD and shown at the launch of the channels' latest shows, the Prince said one of the reasons he enjoyed visiting the continent was it allowed him to step out of the spotlight. He said: "Most of the people don't have a clue who I am and I love that." The film, presented by Ben Fogle, covers the six-day trip of William with his brother Prince Harry to Africa in June, which included a visit to the Tusk Trust which he supports.

Looking back at the FIFA world cup of 2010, where millions of eyeballs were glued to the TV screen apart from the 90,000 odd fans in the stadium, Shakira’s introduction “Waka Waka” singing performance has become one of the highest watched video on You Tube with more than 150 million viewers’ hits as of mid-August 2010!