Discop news round-up from day one


A stream consciousness news feed from day one of the Discop media market…Euronews is signing up a growing number of broadcasters to transmit sections of its news channel, including a private broadcaster in Madagascar and Pay TV operators, Multimesh (for Ghana and Nigeria), Wananchi for East Africa and Camerican in Equatorial Guinea (the continent’s only Spanish-language, news programme)…South Africa’s eTV now has content showing in 12 African countries, including with Chinese Pay TV operator Star Times in Tanzania…Agape TV is launching DTT in September 2010…Viasat Ghana has opened a local production studio (13 x 17 metres with 3 camera multi-shoot and started a local entertainment magazine show. Watch out for more local productions.

Multimesh will be offering an Igbo language channel when it launches in December this year…eTV Ghana now says only 45% of its programming comes from eTV in South Africa, down from 80% when it first launched. It has also established a 6% market share. The arrival of this station and Viasat (which has also got a good early market share) is undoubtedly hurting what were once the more established stations…Clouds FM in Zanzibar (also owners of Choice FM) have launched a DTT transmitter that also covers Dar es Salaam from the island: will a national licence follow?...Star TV based in Mwanza (not to be confused with Chinese-owned Star Times) is launching DTT this year through a joint signal carrier (BTL) with IPP (which owns Capital TV, East Africa TV and ITV).

Kampala Siti Cable has rebranded itself as TVNXT…Nigeria’s Superscreen has applied for a national licence for DTT transmission…Nigeria’s latest Pay TV contender Infinity launched two months ago and is already offering its subscribers PVRs. It also has plans to extend its service to Ghana.