DStv introduces interactive digimag


DStv introduces Dish Digital, an online, easy-to-use and interactive digimag, which provides subscribers with DStv’s programme scheduling, top highlights and premieres at the click of a mouse. A digital offering will in the near future also provide opportunities such as watching previews and movie clips online, giving the consumer an even bigger scope for tailor-making their viewing. Launched in July 2010, the fourth edition goes live on Monday, 16 August.

Dish Digital, which takes less than 20 seconds to open, is revised every two weeks, is available to view on the DStv website (www.dstv.com) and provides viewers with a variety of sections to help them plan their viewing, including a selection of the Editor’s Top 10 Premieres and HD highlights. Readers can also download a pdf, which features the full synopses of the movies that will be screened during the month, exactly as they appear in the Dish magazine. What’s more, Dish Direct subscribers are notified via an e-newsletter of each new issue; ensuring they never miss out on their favourite shows.

Digimags, very much like websites and e-newsletters, will garner immediate statistics about how its intended audience is reacting to and consuming the content it is sent: information that is of paramount importance to brands looking to improve their customer relationships, increase brand visibility and provide a valuable and appreciated service to their customers.

“NMP understands that in order to obtain and retain a customer content and the personalisation thereof are key,” adds Maria Tiganis, publishing director for NMP. “Whilst simultaneously offering our clients web analytics, which they are able to use to improve their customer relationship management, we are also pre-empting how customers want to receive and read their content in future.”

“DStv realises that subscribers like to be kept updated about their favourite shows. Dish Digital is an additional quick, fun and innovative way for viewers to be reminded about what is on during the month,” explains Nicci Brown, promotions and relationship marketing manager at DStv. “To date, the success of the digimag is excellent; with the number of views and uploads increasing from issue to issue.”