Ghana’s Cine Media seeks distribution partners for “Wedlock of the Gods” series


Ghana’s Cine Media is looking to sell a series version of the popular “Wedlock of the Gods” story. The company provides educative and informative African program for Television stations with African values around the world. The main focus of its business includes visual content production, distribution and sales, facilitation of film projects for foreigners wishing to work in Ghana and Nigeria and production of feature films and documentaries.

Cine Media seeks to have good sales partnership with content distributors and Television stations for its state-of-the-art Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and ultra high-definition digital video contents.

Its current production “Wedlock of the Gods” (first shown in 1978 by Zulu Sofola) is now put into a series format. It consists of 25 mins x 52 episodes in Hi-Def. It tells an African love story full of tragedy and romance, told the African way for the true value of Africa. It was completed in August 2010. A girl (Ogwoma) was bundled off to marriage because her parents (Ibekwe and Nneka) needed money from her dowry to pay medical bills for her sick brother (Edozie).

She considers herself as been in bondage for three years the marriage lasted, and then the husband (Adigwu) dies. Rather than wait for three months as stipulated by custom or agree to the obnoxious custom of levitation, she becomes pregnant for her erstwhile lover (Uloko). Custom is broken and the consequences are severe - the plot thickens as the tragedy unfolds.

TV stations are invited to be the first stations to air this educative and entertaining master piece. More details at: