Video workshops in Ghana and Zambia

Technology & Convergence

Martine Koopman from IICD reported that video workshops in Ghana and Zambia taught members of their national ICT4D networks to produce, film and edit basic videos to promote the activities of their network. On three different locations 48 people were trained in May and June 2010.
Participants were shown how to use the equipment they already have, from mobiles and photo cameras to HD cameras, to create a video. The one-day course was divided into scenario writing, shooting a video, basic editing and uploading videos to sites such as YouTube.
The trainings in Ghana and Zambia attracted many different network members. These included representatives of ministries, private sector organisations, NGOs, students, teachers and software developers.
Participants chose a wide variety of topics to show in their videos. From fire safety to technology related stories. A video shot in Tamale (Ghana), for instance, shows how power outages affect people working with ICT in Tamale.
The workshops were held at the request of the IICD-supported national ICT for Development (ICT4D) networks in Ghana (GINKS) and Zambia (e-Brain). The objective was to integrate video more in their daily activities. Electronics company JVC supported the workshop by providing e-Brain with an HD camera.

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