South Africa: Cape Town TV runs competition to get promo

Community station Cape Town TV is calling on all animators, graphic designers and artists to electrify CTV’s community channel. It wants designers to use CTV's logo (see brief below) and create a promo or sting to keep the vibe in between programmes. Promos and stings will be selected if they are really cool. CTV will be giving a cash prize of R2,000 to the creator of the best promo or sting and the winner will be profiled on CTV. The brief is as follows: • Your MadStingz and promo's must incorporate the CTV logo - either animate the logo or let your creative mind go wild with VFX, animation, video, graphic design or any other medium. • Your mad sting should be no longer than 10 seconds or if you are making a promo no longer than 3minutes is required. • Your mad stings or promos should say something about CTV or about Cape Town's identity - in all its diversity. • Your work must be submitted in video format as an MPEG, MOV or AVI file, interlaced, size 720 x 576 pixels, 25 frames per second (PAL standard) Record a clip on your cell phone, write on a chalkboard or in the beach sand, draw a comic strip on a toilet roll ... use any medium you have access to. CTV is a community TV station which means that it is owned and controlled by the community and is answerable to the needs of the community. CTV encourages active participation in the creation of content for the channel. CTV is a platform for debate and dialogue on the important issues that affect us. CTV showcases local talent and provides a space for freedom of expression and experimentation. CTV is a tool for social change and is committed to providing access to information and education to empower citizens to become active participants in shaping the world they live in. CTV is independent from corporate and government control. To submit an entry, you need to: 1. Submit your name, address, telephone number and email address, along with a copy of your work on a CD or DVD. 2. Entries close on Monday, 30 September 2010. 3. Please read the competition rules below. 4. You will find CTV’s logo attached. If you did not receive this in an electronic format then please email Michelle and she will send it to you Submit your entry to: Michelle Nienhuis Cape Town TV 13 c Lever Brothers Office Park 18 Lower Scott Rd Observatory South Africa