Germany’s Deutsche Welle offers African broadcasters programmes and multi-media content

Deutsche Welle is comprised of a team of around 1,500 employees and hundreds of freelancers from more than 60 countries. Its services reach more than 86 million listeners and viewers worldwide each week and is respected as a credible source of information. Sevan Ibrahim-Sauer briefed Sylvain Beletre from Balancing Act on how Deutsche Welle (DW) supports African media, especially online media, TV and Radio stations, as follows. 1) High quality TV content: DW has a catalogue of free and paid TV programmes which can be broadcast by African TV stations. 2) The organisation also provides educational radio programmes called “Learning by ear” to African radio stations. Learning by Ear comprises a constantly growing number of radio dramas and features, all available on CD. Each CD contains 10 episodes per topic. Each episode is 10 minutes long. 3) News Feed: For African media houses that have a website, DW can provide international news’ feed called the “Content box for internet sites”. Are you looking for quality content to liven up your website? This box tends to enrich websites and brings up-to-date news and analysis on current affairs automatically updated several times each day. You can select the content according to your needs and requirements. The content feeds are created in standard RSS form and can be integrated easily into any Internet portal. The layout is yours to design – just add the finishing touches. It is available in 30 different languages, with articles, audio and visual content. If you use broadband Internet services, it is also possible to broadcast programming from DW-TV and DW-RADIO. 4) Mobile content: To enrich your client services, Deutsche Welle offers a full spectrum of content that is specifically-designed for use on mobile handsets like mobile phones, PDAs, pocket PCs or MP3 players. DW has everything from audio and video podcasts to articles in 30 different languages. Users can also tune in to mobile TV around the globe with the DW-TV live stream and a one-minute highlight package (in 3GP format) called DW-TV Journal Headlines. Companies are welcome to link to DW’s mobile portal, automatically integrate content as a newsfeed or list DW in your search engine and/or directory. Just go to for a first look. 5) DW also packages more than 100 newsletters, providing your users with an all-round, tailored, information package. 6) DW Academy: the organisation trains media pros incl. TV technicians and journalists on best practices to improve TV programmes’ quality. The DW-AKADEMIE annually trains about 1,000 media professionals from all over the world. Deutsche Welle has created a Master’s Program entitled “International Media Studies” in cooperation with the University of Bonn and the Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. Since fall of 2009, the first 22 students from 13 countries have been working on the two-year course of study. It focuses on journalism, media management, communications and media studies. The further education program is designed for future journalists and media managers from developing countries. 7) Global Media event in Bonn – next in June 2011: DW organises a large annual event which gathers media professional from all around the World. Each year, several African media pros are participating. DW always try to tailor its offers to meet its audience’s needs. For further opportunities with DW, please contact Sevan Ibrahim-Sauer - Deputy Head of Distribution Africa/ Middle East - at Deutsche Welle - email: sevan.ibrahim at