“Companies should contribute to Education and Economic development in Africa via our programmes” says People TV’s MD


Francois Baudry, MD of People TV gave Balancing Act’s Sylvain Beletre a first taste of its 2011 programmes, freshest formats and its new partners’ programmes.

People TV produces two popular TV programmes broadcast across Africa: “Business Africa” and “Initiative Africa”. These magazine programmes use a mix of raw materials either bought across Africa or self-produced. People TV’s programmes have one of the largest audiences and impacts across Africa, better than any pay TV on the continent. As of September 2010, the programmes are broadcast on 51 African channels and 5 channels outside of Africa. They have the potential tp reach to more than 700 million viewers in Africa. A conservative estimate of the audience is at least 34 million.
For 2011, and with these programmes already well-established in Africa, Baudry wants to give viewers a compelling new way to watch economic news in Africa. “Business Africa 24” (BA24) is a 5 minutes daily news sequence summarizing major economic and finance events occurring on the continent. It gets direct feeds from African Stock Exchanges, African newswires and raw materials from all over the continent.” African decision makers know Business Africa because they want to be up-to-date on economic developments across the continent. With BA24, they will have to opportunity to be alerted daily on impactful events and better drive their “boat”.
He added: “People TV continues to cement its leadership position as the only economic-driven provider of quality and insightful content, enriching TV channel with a truly pan-African footprint and track record in both the pay and public TV arenas. This latest launch highlights the great success we have had with Business Africa over the past decade.”
The producer also plans on getting broadcast on pan-African bouquets and calls for alliances. “We need to spread the word to the whole of Africa that initiatives, entrepreneurship and wealth are available, and we need TV channels in North and South Africa to take our programmes onboard to relay that message”.
“Education and Economic development content should be among top priorities for TV stations on the African continent” noted Baudry, adding that “thus, our programmes should be viewed in prime time across the whole of Africa”. To achieve that goal, Baudry calls on large companies present in Africa to co-sponsor its programmes: “Companies should contribute to Education and Economic development in Africa via our programmes” says People TV’s MD.
Baudry also said: “Business Africa is truly an iconic brand. We want to build on that brand to expand into new horizons. Education, sport and music are hot topics on African minds. We have put together innovative proposals that should interest multinational and international organizations willing to contribute to Africa’s renaissance and help to reach Millennium goals.” 
Also in its catalogue, Baudry has launched a unique hi-tech sequence presenting the latest innovations, their benefits and ways Africans can use ICT tools, especially to make money. Making money off the net will be a key driver for internet adoption across the continent. “This hi-tech sequence is an ideal format for large companies willing to convey brands and messages to the largest African consumer and business TV audience, particularly telecoms companies needing to highlight complex solutions.”
“Our partners –multinational companies and international bodies - can choose between the following options: Pay for Adverts and Commercials (up to 30’) before, after and in the middle of the TV programmes. Sponsorship of the TV programmes with billboard and logos. Thirdly a co-production of specific programmes with clients’ messages as part of the editorial scenario. Lastly, they can support our websites’ with banner ads”.
To contact M. Baudry in order to become a partner, send your details to: sbeletre@balancingact-africa.com