S.A.: NFVF releases its “box office report”


The second edition of NFVF’s Box Office report shows some welcom developments in the distribution and exhibition arena. Though in its infancy, the report, reviewing 2010 second trimester, captures the current changes in audience preferences and industry sustainability.

The aim of the report is to establish reporting structures that inform industry and all stakeholders of the goings-on of the exhibition market. As a prelude to the need for the local industry to develop standard reporting parameters, the report aims to stimulate demand for the need to have a dedicated reporting system that will consistently be relied upon for the dissemination of all relevant social and economic information regarding the film industry.

The report highlights key statistics with regard to genre popularity, seasonal advantages, exhibition trends and local films market share, amongst others. A new addition in this report is the regional observation of the titles exhibited in local cinema. The report also opens up room for debate regarding the genre offering of local films and informs relative successes of certain films. It is a timely document set to be made available every trimester from January 2010 onwards.

Some of the highlights from the report are:
•134 titles were released from 01 January 2010 to 31 August 2010, of those, 14 were locally produced.
•Local titles were second only to US originated films, accounting for 10% of all released titles.
•More than R500 million was generated from the 134 titles.
•South African titles held a market share of around 10% from gross box office revenues generated.
•The rate of exhibition for local titles grew to 1.75 titles per month.
•On average, South African features were released on 31 prints per feature.

The full report is available on NFVF’s website.It should be added that the NFVF has just received another unqualified report from the Auditor General for the year ended 31 March 2010, a feat the institution has achieved with excellence since its inception 10 years ago.